I have made a deep commitment to reach as many people as possible in numerous forms of media to share my wisdom, professional knowledge and training.  I believe that everyone can overcome obstacles to create the possibility of professional and life success. I am grateful to have already reached 1000’s of people through my books, my speaking engagements, my internet radio show for Voice America Variety, my newsletter/blog which also goes out to LinkedIn and other articles, interviews and press releases. As my own knowledge, wisdom and experience continues to grow, I will continue to share it with you.


It is always a privilege to be in print because you can reach so many more people to inspire them to think differently about their challenges.  Here are some of the Publications I had the privilege of creating.

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Internet Radio

I created a weekly Internet Radio show for Voice America Variety called “Changing Obstacles into New Possibilities”.  I think you will enjoy the variety of themes and guests who share their experiences of creating success out of challenges.

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Press Releases

Press releases are certainly a compliment to ones professional reputation.  But more importantly, I hope these press releases give you some new knowledge about the work I offer that can help you personally create success and well-being.

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