I worked with Louise during a time when I was going through some transition.  This could have been a difficult time for me but it turned out to be a very positive experience. Louise helped me to step back after 20 years in one company to see what I really wanted to do with my life. I found her to be very empathetic but also able to challenge me to rethink my approach to various obstacles. It was also very valuable for me, as a person of faith, that Louise could link my experiences into a spiritual context. For me, Louise’s top qualities: Personable, High Integrity and Great Results.

Niall M. Business Executive Chicago, IL March 3, 2015

In September/October 2013 Louise and I embarked on a life and professional discovery process. Thanks to Louise, her thoroughness and insights, that process led to an epiphany about my values and life direction. I submitted my intent to retire in late October 2013 and finally did so in March 2014. Today, largely thanks to Louise, I am in pursuit of a rich and fulfilling retirement on my terms focused on family, faith, personal health, friends and rewarding ongoing endeavors. I am grateful to her and suggest that you would do well to spend time with Louise in pursuit of your destiny. All the best to Louise and those who choose her discovery process in search of their truth.

Dave Yurko Economic & Membership Development Specialist at Schaumburg Business Association Schaumburg, Illinois March 3, 2015

The coaching experience with Louise helped me to get to know myself. I learned that I have more value than I realized and I am capable of accomplishing change. It opened my eyes to the possibility of seeing and doing things in a different way. I don’t have to stay stuck in patterns just because ‘things have always been that way.’ I feel more in control of my life and the directions I want to go.

Maria R. St. Louis, MO. March 3, 2015

In an environment where we were forced to adapt to changes beyond our immediate control- budgets were tight, worry was high and morale was low- Louise Cohen, a key presenter at a recent Illinois Public Transportation Association Conference, gave us inspiration to help find a connection and ability within ourselves to deal with these issues. Despite the rapid rate of change occurring in our industry, we still find her words relevant many months later.

Dennis A. Special Services Coordinator, Illinois Public Transportation Service March 3, 2015

Louise Cohen is a colleague of mine from the SBA community.  She told me about her Positive Attitude Coaching program and I said that I would be interested learning more about it.  She offered to give me a Complimentary Discovery Session.  During the session it made me think about things that I haven’t really thought about myself and I realized that I was in a good place. I found Louise’s questions very helpful in helping me to understand where I am.  I highly recommend the program to those who might be interested in discovering how to create more success in their business, professional or personal relationships.

Sheila Schwartz March 3, 2015

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