Who Is Louise?

Louise CohenIn my work as a Professional and Life Success Coach, I bring a wonderful mosaic of life and professional experiences. Having lived in a number of cities and traveling all over the world, it has helped me to give my clients a broader vision of success. I flourished in an exciting and successful career in the fashion industries of New York, Paris and London. Eventually, I began to feel my values and dreams changing. Going through many life challenges, I realized I wanted to be of more service to others.

Returning to college in the evenings while still working in the fashion industry, I was able to achieve a graduate degree with honors. I eventually “took a great leap” and resigned my executive position to begin my career as a licensed clinical psychotherapist. This continues to be a rewarding and satisfying career.  In 2006 I expanded my professional career to become a business, professional and life success coach.

Some of the techniques I use in my coaching work are based on the training I received from the Mentor Coach Training Institute along with concepts from Positive Psychology Training. My passion as a coach is to encourage every client to actualize their innate abilities “their treasures within” to overcome obstacles and create a life of success and fulfillment. In my speaking engagements, I offer practical skills to inspire organizations and individuals to overcome the blocks and self-limiting ideas that keep them from achieving their goals for success and harmony.

The ” jewel ” I have to offer you as a coach is my inspirational training for over 25 years with The Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development →. One of their goals is to help each individual “Improve Yourself” (and in this effort you are able to) – Improve the World”.   They are a community service organization that teaches a practice of light energy and attitude change to uncover your true potential and your abilities to love and be successful. This training has inspired me to develop Positive Attitude Coaching.

I have expanded my work in Positive Attitude Coaching in a book calledChanging Obstacles into New Possibilities, Strategies for Achieving Life Success and Satisfaction. → A button has been set up to give you an opportunity to purchase the book for a special price. I will sign each copy with an inspirational message and date it. You can also find some of my ideas on Positive Attitude Coaching in another book called Stepping Stones to Success → which I had the privilege of coauthoring with a number of experts such as Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Dennis Waitley. A button has been set up for this book to give you an opportunity to purchase the book for a special price along with a special inspirational message and signature..

Practicing a positive change of attitude, with universal principles such as Gratitude and Respect for Self and Others can become powerful tools for success, while combining them with practical professional and life goals. Whatever your belief or philosophy, it will be a joy to journey with you to find “your treasures within”.