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Finding the Keys to Unlock Your Power –
Creating Financial, Professional and Life Success

Finding the Keys to Unlock Your Power can help you discover the answers to many business, professional and life challenges and more.

Years of professional and life experiences have shown me the success of these strategies.

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I worked with Louise during a time when I was going through some transition.  This could have been a difficult time for me but it turned out to be a very positive experience. Louise helped me to step back after 20 years in one company to see what I really wanted to do with my life. I found her to

Niall M. Business Executive Chicago, IL March 3, 2015

Who is Louise Cohen

In my work as a Professional and Life Success Coach, I bring a wonderful mosaic of life and professional experiences. Having lived in a number of cities and traveling all over the world; it has helped me to give my clients a broader vision of success.  My passion as a coach is to encourage every client to actualize their innate abilities, “their treasures within” to overcome obstacles and create a professional and personal life of success and fulfillment.

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Who are You?

There is great value working on your most basic professional and personal goals to create success.  However, there are other questions you need to ask yourself to find ” the unique you”.  These answer will give you the opportunity to achieve lasting professional and life success and satisfaction.  I will support you to see the possibility of creating a new dream, or encourage you to see your current life with new value. Do you want to find out who you are?

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